Jamaican riddim directory

Download Soundman by Jamaican Riddim Directory. Within seconds after you have downloaded Soundman you will be able to start doing your own professionally sounding dancehall mixes, Read more.

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As always, when the Dubroom reviews something, this means that this website considers the material at least fair. So don't expect any negative reviews. When it's here, we recommend it. The fact that the music originated on the island of Jamaica, where it went through a unique development as well, is very important in this. Most of the music is created in a Jamaican Studio. These studio's all had bands that played basic tracks into the multi track recorder of the engineer.

Vocalists and DUB mixers then used these tracks to create albums or singles. These basic tracks are called riddims. Riddims are used over and over again. Sometimes, you can hear different vocalists sing over the very same recording of the very same riddim. And sometimes, a studio band or programmer re-records well known riddims. Some of these riddims were created back in the 's, and they are still used almost 50 years later.

They are re-played or re-programmed.

jamaican riddim directory

A riddim can be recognized by it's bassline and themes, often played by a horn section or synthesizer. When a certain vocalist sings over a riddim, making it popular, the riddim receives the name of that song.

The riddim was called "The Ali Baba Riddim" from that day on. There are literally thousands of riddims.

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Some are old, but new riddims are created every day as well. They claim to have over 25, songs in their database. Not only that, they also have a multimedia part from where it is possible to actually listen to the riddims. Great for musicians and collectors.

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It's also fun to play with the riddims, as there are several places on the website where it is possible to let the riddim play and add some sound effects over it as well, in true Sound System style. Talking about Sound System style, the Jamaican Riddim Directory also presents a free piece of software called "Soundman". It's the only Reggae MP3 player, and it enables you to listen to your MP3 collection in the same sound system style. Mix tracks together, add sound effects, everything is possible.

And the software is free, too. The Dubroom has reviewed the website but is not responsible for it's contents, nor does the Dubroom necessarily agree with the reviewed website or vice versa.This is a little research I did in during my studies in Media Technology.

People sometimes ask me about it, and that's why I decided to put it online. It is, however, in no way considered to be solid research. In reggae music, it is very common for artists and producers to take an existing instrumental song a riddimrecord a new voicing over it, and re-release it as if it were a completely new song.

It is told that this tradition originates from the old days, when poverty prevailed in Jamaica. In this article, I research the correlation between Jamaica's wealth and the number of recycled riddims. As it turns out, the correlation is not as you would expect from the rumours.

jamaican riddim directory

The topic of this research stems from my personal experience within the reggae music scene. From the early 's, reggae music — whose most popular form since around has been called dancehall — has relied upon the phenomenon of the riddimthat is, an autonomous accompanimental track.

While a dancehall song consists of a deejay singing over a riddim, the riddim is not exclusive to that song, but is typically used in many other songs — a practice which is, for example, uncharacteristic of rap, which also uses sampled pieces of music. Sometimes, the same voicing may be re-released with different riddims.

Accordingly, the riddim has its own name, its own producer and owner, and its own musical life independent of particular voicings by deejays. Some of the most popular riddims have been re-released hundreds of times.

This system of what we could call riddim-plus-voicingin which songs are built from separable component parts, is taken for granted by people immersed in dancehall culture, whether as fans, producers, or music journalists. Listen to some examples of music to get a better idea of this phenomenon. Below are songs on four different riddims. Some songs, for example the ones on the Confessions riddim, are easily recognizable, because the music is exactly the same - the songs were all produced by the same producer.

For some other songs, for example the ones on the Drum Song riddim, it's harder to hear the similarities. It can be the bassline, the drums, the melody, or a combination of features. Listen closely. Among reggae lovers, it is told that this riddim tradition originates from the old days, when poverty prevailed in Jamaica.

jamaican riddim directory

This is a plausible assertion, as anyone can understand that it is cheaper to take an existing piece of instrumental music and record a new voice over it, rather than producing a whole new song.

Accordingly, one could assume that artists will release more original songs in times of prosperity, while in times of bad economic condition more existing riddims will be re-used.

These stories about poverty and riddims led to my research question: Is there an actual relationship between Jamaica's wealth and the number of riddims used? By 'wealth' I mean economic wealth, and by 'number of riddims' I mean the percentage of songs that use an existing riddim versus the songs that don't. There are no exact statistics available of Jamaican reggae record sales in the second half of the 20th century.

A lot of music that was popular in the dancehalls was never officially released.

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If producers say that a song has been released in Jamaica, they often don't actually mean that it has been pressed. They just mean that it's being played. Fortunately, there are a few individuals who keep databases of reggae songs and the names of the used riddims.

Many riddim databases, like the ones on ReggaeID and Jamridare based on Vlado's collection and are occassionally updated by hobbyists. For my research I used Vlado's database, which is incomplete, but still it's the most extensive source for this kind of data. It contains around 37, songs, including around 20, songs of which the year of production is known.

The period in time that I looked at for this research isbecause that is the range for which the most information is available. Second, these are the percentages of songs that use an existing riddim, compared to the songs that don't. The GDP is defined as the total market value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a year.Welcome to dancehall reggae directory - This is the most affordable online directory promoting everything pertaining to dancehall and reggae music industry.

We are providing the perfect avenue for them. To get listed in our directories is affordable. We are offering two 2 different packages. Have any questions?. Please contact us.

jamaican riddim directory

Jamplified is a production team that has worked their musical magic for countless artists spanning various genres from almost every corner of the globe. Contact Info. Phone: website:www.

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Retrun home from dancehall reggae directory. Want to learn more about Reggae Music? Talk to me Was the information helpful? Something needs changing? I welcome your feedback here. Not what you are looking for? Search the web for more Dancehall Reggae music information below Hot Topics. Click here for more information. Solid Dancehall female stalwart Charmaine Munroe, known as Macka Diamond or Mackadocious, has officially hit out against domestic violence in a brand new.

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A subsidiary of Blavity, Inc. Perkins November 29am. Like what you're reading? Get more in your inbox. I agree to the terms and privacy policies. Welcome to the family! Check your inbox for your confirmation. You probably heard this phrase if you went to the club in It still remains the Jamaican staple for the best "riddims.

Reggae riddims in prosperity

The system is a bit different than hip-hop. It's unheard of to share a beat in rap, whereas it's the norm to perform on the same riddim in Dancehall Reggae. How else can you tell who is really the best DJ? This is what I call an even playing field Note The "DJ" in reggae means the artist not the person with turntables, that person is called the selector.

Another interesting thing about "riddims" are that they have really unique names. I have no idea why this is the case, but it is my dream job to come up with the names. I would name my first riddim Dora Di Explorer. Now you know the basics let's get to di chunes dem!Post a Comment. All content found on this page is intended for DJs, and is for promo use only.

So promote these artists and play them at your dances. Teach your crowd their tunes, and spread the word. Keep the music alive Anyone or Anything that makes a situation jump off: "The party was a flop till the DJ threw that Jumper, and everyone started getting naked" or "I put Sara and her posse on the guest list, cuz those girls are some serious Jumpers" View my complete profile. Big Forward Network.

Saturday, June 14, A Millie Riddim. Apparently Lil Wayne dissed all the mix tape DJs, and in return the DJs did their best to flood the net with a leaked version before it came out. It looks like their attempt to ruin Weezy's release failed, cuz on the first day he sold overCDs. Weezy sounds as if most of his album is off the dome.


Which makes me more of a fan. While I am foreign to Southern Slang, he nails it with this album. If you asked me who was King of the South, I would snatch that crown from T. A Milli Produced by Bangladesh was instantly the big classic from this album. Murderous bass, and a stripped down rhythm that leaves lots of space for the MC.

It took me having the album one day before I started finding all sorts of versions. And of course the original. I'm speaking of course in the Jamaican sense of the term. Having multiple artists on one beat is the shit See Dancehall. One more Weezy Bonus I just picked up, and we'll call it a weekend.

This is a good one for the dancers. Lil' Wayne-I If anyone got some more versions to share, leave a link in the comments. Baby Huey.This is a list of reggae musicians. This includes artists who have either been very important to the genreor have had a considerable amount of exposure such as in the case of one that has been on a major label. Bands are listed by the first letter in their name not including the words "a", "an", or "the"and individuals are listed by last name.

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